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Market Opens May 7th!

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Opening day is less than a week away!! Are you ready!? We've been so extremely encouraged and renewed in these last couple weeks! The attendance to the General Membership meeting was GREAT. We had some really good conversation about where the market is headed, and how we'll get there. We also had a WONDERFUL response to our need for volunteers. Having numbers in our volunteer count is KEY!! Thank you so much to all that have stepped forward to lend a hand! We will be able to start the year with some great resources, and without all of it falling onto only a handful of people. Many hands make the work light!!
Are you interested in helping the market? We can use people to help set up the market prior to start times on market day, as well as tear down at the end. We can use people willing to help pass out/hang up flyers, share links on FB, post photos on our FB page, Play music at market, and so much more! If you aren't able to commit to anything regularly, we would still like to have your name and email so that when needs arise, we can send out a call for help to people interested in that particular area. If you are interested, we'd love to have you! You can send us an email to the market email listed here in our contact information. Please include your name, phone and email (our primary form of communication) and any areas that you would be interested in helping. What we are able to accomplish is directly related to the numbers we can continue amass to help us! We already have a good foundation for that! Thank you to those that have been willing so far!
Our current areas of need are:
Event Planning: planning or helping with planned events at the market. This might mean gathering goods for a raffle, or speaking with musicians about playing at market, helping with a movie screening night, etc.
Fundraising: Talking with businesses about sponsoring our market, coming up with and coordinating ideas for helping the market raise money, etc.
Marketing/Advertising: Helping post flyers, sharing and liking FB posts to boost their visibility on FB, etc.
Market Day Help: Helping the market manager set up and tear down the market booth, take trash to the dumpster, man the market manager's booth, help vendors, etc.
Vendor Recruitment: We have flyers and information for anyone who would like to hand them out and help us find new vendors! 


WELCOME 2014!!

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Welcome to a new year for the Canyonville Farmer's Market.  Your board of Directors is looking forward to a prosperous & satisfying 2014 for all vendors.  We truly believe the Canyonville Farmers Market is an asset to our community.  It provides fresh, healthy food; a connection to where food comes from; interesting hand made products; a gathering place for community members and an attraction to Canyonville for increased economic stimulation. 

Canyonville Farmer's Market will operate on Wednesdays; 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. from May 7, if there is enough vendor interest, to September. (End date TBD.)

In order for the market to be successful we need help from the vendors and community volunteers.  We will not have a paid Market Manager this year as the market is too small to generate enough income to pay a manager.  The board has decided to simplify the set up, and we do have some people interested in helping.  If everyone helps this will make less work for any one person. Think about how you can help, what your talents are. Remember it can be as little as one time or a weekly commitment. Market Vendors are all independent businesses but coming together at the Market means we all have ownership in the Market. Individual success depends on the entire Market's success. We are in this together.

Here's a list of ways everyone can help. 

  • Come to the General Membership Meeting. April 17, 6 p.m. at Seven Feathers Resort.  The Huckleberry Room (Just inside the Hotel)
    • Bring your ideas, membership fee, & completed application, questions and friends.
    • If you are an artisan, bring a sample of your product. It will be juried after meeting. You do not need to be present during our jury time. Photographs of product are also acceptable.
  • Be ready to sign up for a committee
    • Marketing & Advertising Promotions
    • Vendor Recruitment
    • Event Planning
    • Artisan Jury Member
    • Fundraising
  • Fill out your application and pay the yearly membership fee as soon as possible. Membership is $25.00 if paid before May 1st, and $30.00 if paid after May 1st. Booth fees will return to $10.00 per day at market.
  • We also need help in the following areas:
    • Market Manager and management assistance
    • Weekly fee collection and record keeping
    • Weekly market set-up (Market information booth, space assignments, etc)
    • Trained SNAP & EBT  processors
    • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Be sure to share information about the market with friends and family!
  • Start planting crops to sell.  Being a "Farmer's" Market means our customers expect to find produce.  (Our Artisans are the icing on the cake and help the Market provide a complete shopping experience.)
The board is also wanting to promote the concept of shared booths for vendors who don't have enough product to fill an entire booth and don't want to/or cannot stay at market the full time. Example: backyard gardeners who have an excess of produce, or artisans with limited product. Members that fit this criteria can share a booth, and it's cost with other market members.

Here's a list of expected 2014 Market Expenses based on previous years.

  • Supplies (cell phone, postage, printing, etc., etc.) - $422.46
  • Fees/Advertising - $956.79 (The market is an official business so it has a checking account, business license, and State and Federal tax responsibilities)
  • Insurance - $779.90 (Accident as well as food borne illness)
  • Music - $55.00
  • Manager Salary $0 - (2013 - approx $5,750.00)
  • Total budgeted expenses $2214.14.  
We have submitted requests to help with our expenses before the market starts, things like insurance, which covers all our members is due prior to the market opening. It is imperative that members sign up and pay their fees as soon as possible. Our start up costs for the coming year exceed the balance retained from 2013. 

Remember!! Non profit and Education establishments and projects can have FREE membership and booth space! 

Hope to see you!! 
April 17, 6 p.m. at Seven Feathers Resort in The Huckleberry Room


The Market Shall Go On!

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It is with grateful hearts that we are able to announce that the Canyonville Farmer's Market has a CHANCE TO GO ON!! We are pleased to let you know that we have had some new volunteers step up to the plate, and we will be looking into ways for the market to continue. We will most likely be facing some restructuring of the market, but there is hope for our future! Thank you to Joanne Gordon, and Joyce and Bob Schaepe for stepping up to lend a hand, and to board members who are able to stay on to help the market in it's new direction. More news to come! Stay tuned!